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Gateway Academy

Discover The Life God Has For You

Get equipped to go deeper in your faith and use your skills to bring the kingdom of God into your sphere of influence

Gateway Academy is a training ground for people who want to get personally discipled, grow in biblical knowledge, and get mentored in reaching others with the love of Christ.

Three Key Focus Areas:

Personal Discipleship

personal discipleship

Get challenged in your faith as you connect with staff who will help you learn how to pursue God in your everyday life.

Biblical Knowledge

biblical knowledge

Gain academic training as you learn more about God, gaining an understanding of who God is and your role in His story.

Ministry Mentorship

ministry mentorship 2

Gain valuable knowledge as you participate in hands-on training and learn to use your skills for the glory of God.




Be a part of our in-person community and learn amongst a group of passionate believers. Join us in Edmonton, Alberta at Gateway for our in-person Academy Classes.

Featuring three separate semesters, available both in-person and online, each offering:

  • Eight Weekly Classes & Discussions | Wednesday Nights, 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Cost: $189 Per Semester



Sometimes, with schedules & distance, it’s easier to attend online. Join us for the Academy Online, and grow in your faith – all from your home.

Featuring three separate semesters, available exclusively online, each offering:

  • Eight Weekly Classes | Uploaded Thursday Afternoons, Accessible Whenever

Cost: $189 Per Semester

Uncertain if Academy is for you? Check out our Sample Class for free today!

Offering Two Years, Three Semesters, Dozens of Classes

Gateway Academy offers First Year classes (with Second Year options starting in 2022) as part of three separate semesters. Each semester will cover a wide variety of topics and feature ten weeks of instruction, one five hour masterclass, and weekly discussions.

Classes are offered on a semester basis, and anyone is welcome to sign up for one or multiple semesters at any time.

Fall Semester

Sept. 28th to Nov. 30th 2021

Winter Semester

January to March 2022

Spring Semester

April to June 2022

Topics Include:

Rooted In Christ

  • Bible Overview: Canon & Translation
  • Bible Overview: Characters & Narrative
  • Bible Overview: Covenant & Kingdom
  • Caring For People: Pastoral Care
  • Spirit-Empowered Discipleship
  • The Spirit-Filled Life
  • Stages of Spiritual Growth
  • Understanding the Book of Revelation (Masterclass, September 25th) 

Flourish In Life

  • Bible Overview: Genre & style
  • Bible Overview: The Different Types
  • Career & Ministry
  • Communicating with Confidence: Studying, Preparing & Teaching
  • Discover Your Life’s Purpose
  • Learning To Lead In Life
  • Power Of Belief

Branch Out In Ministry

  • Church History: Early Church to Constantine
  • Church History: Constantine to Split
  • Church History: Split to Reformation
  • Church History: Reformation to Now
  • Cultivating Leadership Skills
  • Finding Your Fit in the Body of Christ
  • The New Testament Church
  • Supernatural Ministry

Your Instructors


Martin Trench

Lead Pastor, Gateway Alliance Church


Dan Taylor

Campus Pastor, Gateway Alliance Church

Guest Speakers


Leo De Siqueira

Author & Leader, Imagine Church

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