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Gateway Academy

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In addition to our online class options, all Gateway Academy classes are offered in-person. To check out our upcoming classes & sign up, click the button below.

Course Schedule

Each semester includes 8 weeks of instruction (16 hours of class time).
Online classes will also feature a weekly Q&A Zoom call.

Rooted In Christ

Fall Semester | Sept. 28 – Nov. 30, 2021

  • Bible Overview: Canon & Translation
  • Bible Overview: Characters & Narrative
  • Bible Overview: Covenant & Kingdom
  • Caring For People: Pastoral Care
  • Spirit-Empowered Discipleship
  • The Spirit-Filled Life
  • Stages of Spiritual Growth

Flourish In Life

Winter Semester | Jan. – Mar. 2022

  • Bible Overview: Genre & style
  • Bible Overview: The Different Types
  • Career & Ministry
  • Communicating with Confidence: Studying, Preparing & Teaching
  • Discover Your Life’s Purpose
  • Learning To Lead In Life
  • Power Of Belief

Branch Out In Ministry

Spring Semester | Apr. – Jun. 2022

  • Church History: Early Church to Constantine
  • Church History: Constantine to Split
  • Church History: Split to Reformation
  • Church History: Reformation to Now
  • Cultivating Leadership Skills
  • Finding Your Fit in the Body of Christ
  • The New Testament Church
  • Supernatural Ministry
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Check out Our Sample Class

Uncertain if the Academy is for you? Check out our free Sample Classes!

These six sessions will give you an idea of the topics covered during the Academy, and an overview of what to expect from our full Academy Semesters; covering topics such as:

  • Jews, Israelites & Hebrews: Are they all the same people?
  • Inspiration, Collection & Cannon (Biblical Studies)
  • The Century of the Holy Spirit 
  • Genres & Forms 
  • The New Testament Church
  • Weird, Wonderful, and Wacky

The Academy: Masterclasses

Each of these classes is separate from our Academy Semesters.